On May 19, 2014, at about six o’clock in the morning three armed police officers broke down the door of our home and haven and seized my fourteen-year-old daughter. My daughter has no criminal history, nor was she ever charged with a crime.  No probable cause was ever articulated to myself or the Court.
Three arrest warrants were issued in total. The first was issued in October 2013, and executed on November 8, 2013: Three officers entered our home and arrested myself and my two daughters. No probable cause was ever articulated.
The second warrant was issued in April 2014 and executed on May 19, 2014. Three police officers broke down our door and arrested my minor daughter. No probable cause was ever articulated.
The third warrant was issued on March 2nd, 2016.  The details of that warrant are confidential, and will be released to parties of interest. No probable cause was ever articulated with regard to the third warrant.
Finally, after tormenting us to the point of illness and exhaustion the gov’t dismissed the case in April 2016.
There is no way for me to make sense of these events. All I have to go on is the words I heard from the prosecutor himself: ”I am bigger than you and I can take your children away from you if I want to! And I can have you locked up in jail if I want to!”  (Audio recording is available) And the words of a witness who overheard the prosecutor say, ”I will bring down all the force I can on this woman, just because I can!” He was referring to his intention and plan to have me incarcerated (absent probable cause).
I hadn’t violated any law. I hadn’t harmed anyone.  I hadn’t done anything to warrant such disruption to my life. My children, too, hadn’t done anything that would warrant such egregious disruption to their lives.
Still, the prosecution is required to bury its lust for domination and control in a pile of legalese, and to that end the prosecution alleged that I had ”violated” an ACD (Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal). Once they alleged a violation the prosecution used the violation charge as a basis by which to obtain three arrest warrants. There is no legal provision for the gov’t to enter a home and seize a child on the basis of an allegation of an unsubstantiated violation of an ACD.   I contested the violation charge, therefore the issue went to trial.
At issue was the prosecution’s inability to coerce me to disclose my daughter’s school contact information. The judge reminded the prosecution that it was not entitled to that information. My daughter had just reasons to protect her privacy, given the fact that the caseworker had maliciously harassed my other daughter at her school on a regular basis. Too, there was no requirement, legal or otherwise, for my daughter’s school contact information to be disclosed.
For choosing to protect my then fourteen-year-old daughter’s school contact information, I was repeatedly threatened with incarceration. For choosing to protect the school contact information these arrest warrants were being issued. Our collective gasp is justified.
More to the point, at issue was a mother who was valiantly protecting her children and the prosecution does not take well to a mother who is protecting her children in the course of court proceedings.
The violation trial lasted from the day of the first arrest, November 8, 2013 until the time the gov’t withdrew the violation allegation on April 4, 2016.
Our reasonable expectation of security in our home has been irrevocably shattered.
The impact of living with the daily threat of police break-ins and incarceration, with its inherent extraordinary terror, has resulted in severe trauma-related illness including life-threatening breathing dysfunction, broken teeth, vertigo, nightmares, and unrelenting tremors and convulsions. Such has been the extent of the injuries sustained.
The question that remains unanswered is this: Were the warrants lawful?


On this blog I present the relevant documents and invite you to consider whether or not the gov’t has violated, and deprived us of, our fourth amendment provision for protection from unreasonable seizures, our fourteenth amendment provision for due process, and our eighth amendment provision for protection from cruel and unusual punishment. I am interested in your opinion.
I specifically direct you to the ongoing dissent between the judge and pd with regard to the question of whether the warrants were lawful:
To protect the privacy of the parties most names and other identifying details have been redacted. Unredacted documents are available upon request by parties of interest.
For a more detailed account of the genesis and trajectory of this case, from start to finish,  I direct you to:
For potential lawyers, I have filed a Notice of Claim and am hoping a lawyer out there would be willing to consider handling my case hence forward. Here is a link to the content of the NOC: (names here are redacted for privacy purposes. Email or call me for a non-redacted version)


In the four years that our case languished in Family Court there has never been a finding of neglect.  On the contrary, all available evidence seem to indicate the players had full knowledge of our innocence.
Though I sought to file a claim sooner, I was advised to hold off on seeking redress until the case is dismissed. The gov’t withdrew its case on April 4, 2016, making this a ripe time to seek redress. To this end I am seeking a seasoned attorney who can assist me with a claim for damages. If you are one, or know of one, would you please reach out to me to discuss further. (Telephone 646-493-1198)
I hope there is a lawyer amongst us who recognizes the extent of the injuries, the cost involved in remedying the injuries, and the need for redress.  Much gratitude.
Please direct all inquires and correspondence to acsmemoir@gmail.com or call me at 646-493-1198.
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